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About Guided Chrome Canada

Guided Chrome Canada, a patented sequential pin system, is used in immediate load full mouth reconstructions like an All-ON-4. Our protocol completes full mouth reconstructions in just 1.5 hours or even less. For both fully guided and non-guided, it only takes 15 minutes for a prosthetic conversion even for dentate patients. The sequential bone reduction protocol for Guided Chrome is based on the patient’s dentition. It is recognized as the most accurate one in the industry. We utilize the patient’s neuromuscular setup for our treatment planned cases. We achieve this with our patented digital face bow, using a regular dental camera 2d photo and transforms it to a 3D work up, adding a CT scan. To increase acceptance for patient treatment plan, we also provide both the doctor and the patient with up to three actual simulations to show them what we can deliver in 30 minutes while the patient is still in the office, using only the 2D camera photo. We provide an optimal set up based on the aesthetic demands of the patient, transition zone requirements, intra oral occlussal space, and proper lip support. We also utilize our proprietary Guided Chrome NanoCeramic that could work well for long term temporary prosthetic indication without any breakage. Guided Chrome Canada offers our doctor partners with Co-Marketing Services to help grow their practice and get them more patients. We can help you from advertising, SEO, social media marketing campaigns, web development, review software, and infomercials. We can share with you our unique strategy to convert prospective patients to your practice. These programs can be subsidized. The only thing we ask is for your practice to be committed to Guided Chrome cases and be our partner as you grow. Guided Chrome makes use of a CT guided CAD/CAM virtual model of the mouth of the patient to plan all the aspects of the dental implant surgery and prosthetic placement to be done. What the patient gets is the most stable and minimally invasive full arch tooth replacement that also has the best aesthetics. No aspect is compromised. The best news is that the patients will get their new teeth prosthetic the same day as the implant surgery!

How Guided Chrome Works

This award-winning system is the most innovative and best solution for immediate implant-supported full arch restorations. 3D imaging is used by Guided Chrome to help dental professionals to place the implants and restorations with better predictability compared to other conventional methods. The process is pretty simple and the patient’s benefits are incomparable.
Step 1
The system starts by creating a complete 3D image of the patients jaw using a CT scan. This lets us measure both the width and the height of the patient’s jaw bone, as well as the depth of the gum tissue and the exact position of the adjacent tooth roots. This becomes a virtual model that the clinician can use to place the dental implants in and to position the prosthesis to achieve the perfect bite and maximum strength.
Step 2
The Guided Chrome lab works in collaboration with the clinician to plan and create a full arch prosthetic that is molded precisely to fit the patient’s mouth perfectly. This is also the guide to help the clinician recreate the placement of the implant from the virtual model.
Step 3
The guide is used by the doctor to place the implants that are identical to the 3D plan to give you the best possible placement for the patient’s restoration. During that same visit, the doctor will place the interim prosthetic to allow the patient to go on with life as he or she normally would while waiting for the implants to heal and to fuse securely with the jaw.
Step 4
Once the doctor is confident that the implants are strong enough, the final restoration will be placed. The full arch prosthetic may last the patient for a lifetime, especially if it’s given the right care. Guided Chrome Benefits
Guided Chrome Canada now offers this amazing new Service. Read on below to learn why your clinic should meet with us to learn more about this innovative service.
As a key service, Guided Chrome Canada can arrange to be chairside whenever needed to assist the dentist during this procedure. Our experience and knowledge goes hand in hand with working together with the doctors to ensure that every procedure will go as smoothly as possible.

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